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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Hawk, Who Goes There

Every morning I have a visitor. A breakfast guest. He's been coming for the past two weeks, but only this morning did he allow me to step outside and take photographs. In fact, I swear he posed for his portraits.

Juvenile Red Shouldered Hawk

As I prepared my second cup of coffee, I noticed him standing proudly under a tree in my side yard, and took this photo from the kitchen window.

Then, he flew to the back yard, and stood on one of the large rocks that surround the magnolia tree, to consume whatever it was he had captured. I was able to take this photo from the back door.

Once he finished his breakfast, he flew up to perch on a low hanging branch, just above my laundry line. He didn't even mind that I had stepped out into the yard to get a series of photos.

When he ruffled his feathers I thought for sure he was going to take off and leave me, but all he did was hop up onto the next highest branch. I had to move to another part of the yard, a little closer to him, to get another series of shots. Amazingly, he didn't mind! He just looked right at me. At this point, I thanked him, complimented him, and assured him that he was welcomed to stop by any time, and I left him in peace.

I sat on the back porch for another ten minutes, finishing my coffee and taking pictures of my dog (whom I had let out after the photo shoot). I could still hear the hawk calling out from the other side of my neighbors house.