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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sunny Stormclouds

We were out for a drive on a very sunny Saturday afternoon. There was little else to do, as a recent severe storm had knocked out our internet service, and all of our household entertainment is dependent on the internet. Seriously, everything. Internet telephone. Internet television. Internet music. Internet internet.

I took my camera along, as we would be touring an unfamiliar area near a small pond, and you just never know what you might find. I always seem to find the neatest things when I don't have my camera on hand!

We were only halfway to our destination when dark clouds began to appear overhead. They gathered and they swirled and they struggled to take over the sky.

They surrounded the sun, as an amoeba engulfs and consumes a weaker organism, but the sun absolutely refused to release its grip on the day. 

The clouds were not dismayed, and neither was the sun disturbed in the slightest. It did indeed rain and heavily so, although briefly and through a veil of the brightest light. 

Oddly enough, there was no rainbow to prove that the water and the light had both occupied the same time and space.